Mark Hamilton KJ

Hey guys and gals, If you’ve sang at one of my shows you know how good my system sounds and what a perfectionist I am when it comes to sound quality. However there are a couple more things we can do to take the sound quality to it’s highest level possible, and I need your help.

Here is what I propose. Begining immediately (Nov/17/2014), All tips, monetary gifts and donations I receive online or at any show, will be set aside and accumulated in a special Diamond Speaker Fund. I will match all your tips and donations dollar for dollar and the resulting fund will be used purchase a new set of Acesonic SP-582 Diamond speakers.

The quality of these speakers is unsurpassed in the industry! They are made for Karaoke and have advanced, 3 way crossover technology to route the various sound frequencies to the proper drivers (speakers). Each cabinet contains 10 drivers (speakers) and fills the room with crystal clear surround sound audio. The result will be a sound quality very few in the industry can come close too.

Check out the new diamond speakers…

Diamond Speakers
Diamond SP-582 Unique Design, Clarity & Power