The Patented KOSMOS (formerly known as Sonic Maximizerâ„¢) audio technology I use provides clearly superior and distinct music and vocals that are never “muddled”, “muffled” or “muddy”.


Below you will find an image of a songs actual sound wave, with and without the enhancement, as well as an audio sound clip so you can actually hear the difference. This audio was recorded using my actual Karaoke system. The same way I can record karaoke singers at a show who request CD quality recordings of their performances (conditions apply).

The image below is a section of a song with the Sonic Maximizerâ„¢ enabled and disabled. You clearly see the difference in the sound wave.

Click the image below for a larger view and then hit your escape key to return to this page.

Sonic Maximizer

Now, listen to this short clip to compare the difference between having the sonic maximizer enabled and disabled.

Click the play arrow below to hear the clip.

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