Use your Mobile Device to Search Our
50,000 Song Database and
Send Me Live Song Requests From Your Seat at Any Show!

In addition to my traditional hard copy, paperback songbooks,  My “Mobile savvy” Karaoke singers can search my songs and send live song requests to me at the show using ANY internet enabled mobile device or laptop! How cool is that?

It’s Super Easy!

  1. Use Your Mobile Device to DOWNLOAD THE Songbook DB Mobile App From the Google Play Store
  2. Use the App to setup a FREE user Account
  3. Search, Save Favorites and Submit Song Requests from your seat at any show.
  4. That’s all there is to it… your done. Now Have Fun and Enjoy Faster, Easier and More Dependable Song Requests!

Extra cool features (* means free registration required)…

  • Send our KDJ Karaoke song requests “Live” at the Karaoke show!!! *
  • Save any number of songs as “Favorites” (at home before you arrive at any show) then submit them to our KJ with a click of a button durring the show*
  • Use the mobile app to view my Gig Guide so you always know where and when I will be performing
  • Friend me on the SongbookDB social network
  • Message me to request any unlisted song you want
  • All 100% FREE for my Karaoke Singers!!!


NOTICE: You don’t need to setup a FREE account to search our mobile song books or view our gig guide for upcoming Karaoke shows. However you DO need to setup a FREE account to be able to save your desired songs as favorites and send your song requests to the KDJ “Live” at the show..

Using our mobile search, save and request system is Fast (sing more songs), Easy and 100% FREE! Once you try it you will never go back to the old way again.

To register a free account
click here or visit USTARSONGS.COM
or download the FREE SongbookDB App on Google Play (even better)
and start requesting songs via any mobile device!




Mobile Songbook

2. Type either a song or artist’s name into the empty white box and click the corresponding “Artist” or “Title” button.




*NOTE: You can search our song database freely without registration however to add songs to your “favs” list for future reference and to and request them “live” at the show with a click of a button you will need to register (once) a free account… Here’s how to do it….



1. Use Your I-Phone to Download and Install the FREE SongbookDB Mobile App:

Note: This App is OPTIONAL however It does allow faster (one click) login access to our mobile songbook anytime and anywhere you are, without having to type the address and login information over and over again. Gives you Fast, one click access to our mobile song search and request system on your phone! Very Cool!.

2. Click the login/Free Register button at the top/center of the USTARSONGS.COM page and follow the instructions to register a FREE account.

You are only required to register once and we NEVER sell, rent or give out your email address or registration information. Your information is used ONLY for requesting songs at our show. It also enables us to remember the songs you’ve sung in order to retrieve them faster and easier the next time you desire to sing them and make sure you NEVER miss your turn to sing a song!

After you register “once”, you can login to your account whenever you like and add your desired songs to your “Favs” list for future reference and faster “live” show requests durring any showand/or request it* by clicking the SING button next to it!


How to Save “Favs” and Request Songs using your mobile device

Send a request!!!

You can choose the song pitch, add extra singers’ name, or send the DJ a note…

Send a Request

Manage your requests…

Changed your mind? No probs – just delete songs!


Notice you can determine the status of your request RECEIVED or ADDED TO ROTATION!