Watch or listen to our shows “Live” on any Internet enabled PC with a sound card or Mobile Device…

NOTE: Most shows ARE broadcast on Internet Radio. Many are NOT broadcast on Internet TV (depending on venue). The way to find out is to check and see. If it’s being broadcast, you will see it. If not you wont. All broadcasting is dependent on dependable Internet at location of show.

Live Karaoke Radio“LIVE” INTERNET RADIO – (How to Listen)

Listen in on any PC at either site below:

Note: Your Browser must be flash enabled (most are).

To listen on any Mobile Device:

  • Use your mobile device to download and install the FREE Listen2myradio (Player) App on Google Play.
  • Open the app and search for radio show: Karaoke
  • When the radio station page opens, click the play arrow and enjoy!

Here is the Internet Radio Mobile App: Listen2MyRadio Free Player App

“LIVE” INTERNET TV – (How to Watch)

To Watch & Listen on any PC with Internet access and a sound card.. Goto:

To Watch & Listen on any Mobile Device:

  • Use your mobile device to goto Google Play Store
  • Download and install the FREE Ustream (Player) App.
  • Open and use the app to search for You Star Karaoke Live
  • Hit the Play arrow and enjoy!

Here is the Ustream App:


  • Shows are broadcast from any and all Karaoke venue with dependable Internet Access.
  • Check my current show schedule for the next “Live” Karaoke Show broadcast!

Karaoke Radio streams are encoded from the internal circuitry of my 100% digital KARAOKE sound system. They normally come through in crystal clear FM quality stereo and If you think our radio sounds good, wait till you hear how you sound when you sing with me live!

Live Karaoke Internet Radio