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The equipment used by You Star Karaoke is one of the many elements that make us and our customers Karaoke shows stand out from the “crowd”

The Typical Karaoke System

Many of systems in use today are older DJ Music mix systems that have been modified to provide Karaoke features as an afterthought to accommodate the growing popularity of the marketplace. Some of these systems are a combination of older analog equipment and newer digital equipment and use special adaptors that allow them to “talk” to digital equipment and/or laptop computers. A mixture of the old and the new. While this is fine for music or dance mixes, it is not ideal for Karaoke performances.

You can recognize these systems because they often look old and/or have “fuzzy” and/or a “muddled”, non-distinct sound that typically drowns out the vocals. Some actually use “cheap” microphones to reduce the added expense that comes from the damage incurred by “normal use”. The result is loud, muffled instrumentals that typically overwhelm the vocals.

Important Point: No matter how developed a singers voice is, if they have to scream or yell into the mic in order to hear themselves, the quality of their performance and the satisfaction they experience from it will be diminished.

Karaoke Vocal Sound EquipmentThe You Star Karaoke System

Our Karaoke Sound System was custom built from the ground up specifically for Karaoke performances. It incorporates sonic maximizer sound technology which brings out the clarity of the deepest bass and highest treble sounds. We also use QUALITY UHF wireless vocal microphones.

Although it plugs into a laptop via USB, our system is 100% digital and it actually disables and bypasses the laptop sound card using it’s own drivers and advanced music/vocal sound technology to produce clear, distinct vocals and instrumentation.

The sound difference is CLEAR and obvious to anyone singing or listening to it. Singers and audiences notice and appreciate the difference. For some singers it takes a song or two to get used to since they no longer are drowned out by the loudness of the music, nor do they have to scream to be heard.

With You Star Karaoke you can count on balanced, crystal clear musical sound plus distinctive vocal enhancements that make every performance sound as good as it possibly can.

Experience the sound Karaoke Singers Love and will travel the extra mile to have!